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Off-site manufactured roof trusses are the most widely used form of roof framing in the UK as they provide a cost-effective and flexible solution. Trusses are not only now “the norm” for simple roof structures but are also increasingly seen as the ideal method of framing to turn a complex architectural vision into a working roof structure. A roof formed using trusses can use up to 40% less timber than a traditional roof.

Roof systems hugely reduce the amount of time spent installing the structural elements of the roof compared to traditional build methods. Our speed of manufacture allows just-in-time delivery to the site and therefore negates the need for large storage space on site.

roof systems
attic truss
Attic Truss

The attic truss or “room in roof truss” is a great way of increasing the usable space within a loft.

roof systems
Fink Truss

A fink truss is the most common type of truss used truss type in the UK covering the majority of new build domestic homes.

mono truss
Mono Truss

Mono trusses are sloped in one direction only and are used to create multiple level roof lines.

roof systems
Raised Tie Truss

Raised tie trusses are used to provide a higher ceiling line for extra headroom.

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