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We offer multiple solutions for floor systems from traditional timber joists to metal web joists. The majority of our clients opt for metal web joists as a smart solution allowing for larger spans and greater service-carrying potential.

floor systems

Metal web or Posi-joist systems are a combination of timber chords and pressed metal webs which together form an ‘open-web’ joist. Their open web design allows for the installation of services such as pipework, cabling, mechanical heat recovery systems and other services to be passed through the metal webs without the need for notching or drilling. Posi-Joists also reduce site wastage and are environmentally sustainable.

Posi-joists (floors) can be used in all types of buildings, from domestic dwellings to large apartment blocks or hotels. Due to the span capability of the product, they are often the first choice for architects and engineers. 

Posi-rafters (Roofs) are typically used for a roof application, either pitched or flat. The use of a Posi rafter varies hugely from usage on a domestic dwelling, all the way up to a new build school. As the product is so versatile, our design team can adjust end details, overhangs and web formation of the rafters to suit the customer’s requirements.

A metal web joist can typically span greater distances than a I-joist, which allows us to cater for customers who have large, clear span requirements on their projects. 

Customers will reap the benefits of a metal joist when they require services to run through the floor joist.

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